Over 1,200 people participate in MoCD remote workshops

Nov , 2020

The Ministry of Community Development, MoCD, in partnership with the Next 50 Year Preparation Committee completed 70 workshops for more than 1,240 people who participated in specialised development workshops held remotely under the title “Non-Benefit Public Dialogue”.

The workshops were organised by the Non-Benefit Public Associations and the supervision of the MoCD in partnership with the “designing next 50” project in the implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to involve all the community members and entities to design the competitive and entrepreneurial future of the UAE at all levels.

The preparation committee has announced the initiative “Non-Benefit Public Dialogues” as part of a series of sessions aimed at involving individuals and community institutions in all their social, humanitarian, economic and scientific specialities to anticipate future challenges, develop solutions and recommendations to improve this vital sector.

Hessa Tahlak, Assistant Under-Secretary of Social Development Sector at the MoCD, emphasised that the ministry in cooperation with the preparation committee is currently sorting out the outputs and recommendations of workshops and sessions of the Non-Benefit Public Dialogues, to select the best development ideas that promote the planning objectives of the next 50 years.

Tahlak, revealed that the number of Non-Benefit Public Associations and Takaful Funds declared by the Ministry of Community Development in the UAE until the first half of this current year reached 248 associations, foundations and funds of which 203 were Non-Benefit Public Associations, 18 were Takaful Funds and 27 were NGO’s.

The MoCD is the only official and competent authority to monitor and supervise the Non-Benefit Public Associations. The categories of declared associations are 74 all over the UAE including public and cultural services. There are 35 professional associations, 30 folkloric associations, 28 humanitarian associations, 15 community associations, 13 theatre associations, and, 8 women associations.

The discussions of Non-Benefit Public Dialogues focused on the ways to benefit from national professionals in facing future challenges, developing capabilities and investing energies in future planning and community innovation, employing advanced technology and artificial intelligence in promoting the role of community associations, participating in the development of a future family model in the UAE, strengthening authentic values among the Emirati society, community cohesion and solidarity, enhancing communication between institutions and individuals, in addition to unifying national volunteering efforts, and strengthening their role in global humanitarian efforts through partnerships with leading institutions around the world.